Edible Bowls: A New Trend in Fun Dining

Posted on April 23, 2014
Bread bowl with soup

What’s clam chowder without the sourdough bread bowl? Or milk without the cookie shooters? Wait, what!?

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5 Ways to Put the “Devil” back in Deviled Eggs

Posted on April 23, 2014
bacon deviled egg

If your family’s anything like mine, an army of rainbow-shelled eggs now occupies your fridge after Easter. Tempting as it may be to crack open those suckers, cut them in half and mix the yolk with mayonnaise, do yourself a favor and just don’t. Instead, save your paprika and try these fresh and inventive ways to put the “devil” back in deviled eggs!

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Non-Profit of the Month: Project Angel Heart

project angel heart

Project Angel Heart opened its doors in 1991. It began after founder Charles Robbins relocated back to Denver from Los Angeles and found friends and loved ones suffering heavily from HIV/AIDS. He wanted to help them by delivering food free of charge, and what started as a 12-person client base and a donated tin of lasagna from Racine’s, has now blossomed into something much, much bigger.

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13 Fun Ways to Enjoy Peeps After Easter

Posted on April 21, 2014
Pink Bunny Peep

Aside from the Easter bunny and the appearance of extravagantly colored eggs in stores sometime around late March, the quintessential symbol of Easter is the Peep. These little chick and bunny shaped marshmallows covered in sprinkles have been popping up in Easter baskets since the early 1950’s, and have been a staple in the holiday’s candy repertoire ever since. But what happens when Easter hops by without a second glance, then leaves you with a bunch of little Peeps to entertain like you’re Mary freakin’ Poppins? Well, we’ve got 13 fun and delicious ways to help you get rid of those little marshmallow morsels before next April. Take that, Easter!

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What We’re Reading This Weekend

Posted on April 18, 2014
outdoor table at a restaurant

The air is warming up in our neck of the woods and we can't stop thinking about BBQ's and long al fresco dinners with friends. Stay tuned next week to see what we have cooking up on these topics! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Here are some fun finds from around the web...

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