Treasure Hunting: Update International 3-3/4 oz Stainless Steel Ambidextrous Disher

Update International 3-3/4 oz Stainless Steel Ambidextrous Disher

When I was growing up, we didn’t have an ice cream scooper in our kitchen. I used to eat my mom’s ice cream by the serving spoonful and wasn’t sorry about it. Now that I’m older and don’t have the metabolism of an 8-year-old, portion size matters and that’s why the Update International 3-3/4 Stainless Steel Ambidextrous Disher is perfect. Read on...

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5 Ways to Have a Successful Vegetarian BBQ for Labor Day

Grilled Pizza for Vegetarian BBQ

If you plan on getting your grill on one more time before the leaves start to change, celebrate Labor Day and Meatless Monday with a vegetarian BBQ. Not sure what to make? Have no fear. All you have to do is check out our list of 5 Ways to Have a Successful Vegetarian BBQ for Labor Day.

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52 Ingredients: Rum

Posted on August 26, 2014
Bottles of rum

We all remember Jack Sparrow’s comedic outrage upon finding his precious rum set ablaze by the aristocratic Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean. As a drink, rum can be quite potent and delicious. It can also add an intense flavor dynamic when used in cooking. And when enjoyed in moderation, rum can actually improve your health. Read on...

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No Trouble Tart Recipe

Posted on August 25, 2014

I’ve always considered myself more of a baker, but there is one staple I’ve never been able to master: pie crust. In my family, there is a famous pie crust recipe that’s been passed down for generations. Treated like a rite of passage, each cousin masters the process as they grow into adulthood. Except me.

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What We’re Reading This Weekend

Posted on August 22, 2014
Metal Detector

My dad’s metal detector lets off a high-pitched beep whenever a trace of metal is detected from its sandy grave. Most other tube sock-clad dads wear headphones to keep their metal detecting private, but this isn’t sufficient for my dad. He enjoys disturbing the sun-bathing tourists with the squealing of trace metal particles from beneath the surface. They roll over and stare in my dad’s direction, lowering their sunglasses as if to say, “Wow, this guy’s about to find some valuable treasure!” But usually, the drama ends in my dad raising a small coin in the air, proudly proclaiming his find. “Look, honey!” he’s says. “I found a nickel!”

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