Treasure Hunting: Fiesta Grande Glass

Posted on December 15, 2014
Fiesta Grande Glass

¡Ay, caramba! It’s time to get your fiesta on, and that means it’s time to drink some margaritas. This 16-3/4 oz Fiesta Grande Glass is the perfect vessel to fuel the party. A fabulous perk of this Libbey Glassware product is that it comes with a lifetime no-chip guarantee. How cool!

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Treasure Hunting: Update International Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Posted on November 13, 2014
Update International (WC-SS) - Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

What’s that over on the table?! It’s a vase! It’s a spittoon! No, wait—it’s an Update International Stainless Steel Wine Cooler! This super shiny, super convenient ‘Wine Cooler of Steel’ is the right addition to any household that enjoys a little chill in their wine. We know that red wine is meant to be enjoyed at room temperature, but when it comes to white wine even Superman could down a warm glass.

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Treasure Hunting: Libbey Football Tumbler

Libbey Glassware- Football Tumbler

What do we want? BEER! When do we want it? NOW! What do we want it in? A Libbey Football Tumbler!! Beer and football have been best friends for some time now. Every Sunday you either head to your favorite bar to watch the game or crack open an ice cold brew at home on the couch. This time, skip the bar and cozy up on the couch with this football-themed beer holder. With everyone drinking craft beer these days, and the various amounts of glasses to drink it out of, why not just skip the headache and get something that’s practical and fun?

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Thanksgiving Cocktails to the Tune of a Modern Day Goldilocks

Spiced Wine

It’s almost Thanksgiving and for some that means counting down the dreaded hours spent with your entire family in the same house. No need to get flustered this season, alcohol is here to save the day, or make it a lot more interesting. I've come up with some Thanksgiving cocktails for the main contenders in this fairytale-esque adventure.

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5 Dessert Beer Pairings to Try this Fall

Enjoy Dessert Beer Pairing in the Right Glassware

Here in Denver, beer with any meal is encouraged, but especially so with dessert. Since it’s fall, it’s a good time to enjoy some seasonal desserts and down a few brews to complement them. With the help of one of our resident home brewers, Will here at FSW, we’ve come up with five desserts you should eat this fall and the beers to enjoy them with.

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