Thanksgiving Cocktails to the Tune of a Modern Day Goldilocks

Spiced Wine

It’s almost Thanksgiving and for some that means counting down the dreaded hours spent with your entire family in the same house. No need to get flustered this season, alcohol is here to save the day, or make it a lot more interesting. I've come up with some Thanksgiving cocktails for the main contenders in this fairytale-esque adventure.

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5 Dessert Beer Pairings to Try this Fall

Enjoy Dessert Beer Pairing in the Right Glassware

Here in Denver, beer with any meal is encouraged, but especially so with dessert. Since it’s fall, it’s a good time to enjoy some seasonal desserts and down a few brews to complement them. With the help of one of our resident home brewers, Will here at FSW, we’ve come up with five desserts you should eat this fall and the beers to enjoy them with.

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Drinking 101: Beer Glass Guide

Posted on October 20, 2014
beer glass guide

My dad once caught me hammering a nail into a piece of plywood with a crowbar. Overbearingly quiet, he swiped the tool from my hands and stood over me with his “I’m disappointed” look. While I thought I was in store for a lecture about going through my dad’s tools without permission, 10-year old John was actually about to receive a piece of tell-tale advice from his father. “Use the right tool for the job,” he said, producing a mini hammer from behind his back. And he couldn’t have been more right. This childhood lesson also applies to beer drinking. When you use the right glass, the experience is that much more brewtiful.

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Treasure Hunting: Libbey Glassware Wine Decanter

Posted on October 16, 2014
wine decanter

Heavy on bottom, light on top. Such is the general look of a wine decanter, dutifully standing at attention ready to pass off the vino. You’re probably thinking to yourself, as I did once: Do I need a decanter? Why do I need another step between my lips and sweet taste of fermented grapes? Well, I’ll give you three good reasons.

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Treasure Hunting: American Metalcraft Peeler and Zester

Posted on October 2, 2014
American Metalcraft Peeler and Zester

Sometimes, your outfit isn’t quite complete. And as you hopelessly stare at yourself in the mirror, you ask yourself: What is it that’s missing? A scarf? A hat? Another lip ring? Believe it or not, cocktails go through the same existential fashion crises after they’ve been mixed and poured. As they handed off to expectant sippers, they ask themselves: What’s missing? The answer is almost always a twist of citrus. And that’s where the American Metalcraft Peeler and Zester comes in handy.

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