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What We’re Reading This Weekend, or: Phylliidae-Mageddon

Posted on September 26, 2014
weekend leaf bug

All my life, I don't believe I've ever seen a leaf bug. Until today, that is. My day began like most others--by turning on the coffeepot and shuffling my way to the dumpster to throw out the trash. And that's when I saw it. A perfect green leaf with legs resting on my bicycle seat (pictured top). I hate bugs and was a little creeped out, but I thought it was cool and so I took a picture of it anyway.

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52 Ingredients: Spinach

Posted on September 23, 2014
Spinach leaves

Maybe Popeye liked the canned stuff or maybe he liked the convenience of canned spinach when it came to protecting the lovely Olive Oyl. Whatever the reason, I think he, as well as many a cartoon-watching child, would love the fresh stuff. So, what makes spinach so delightful?

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It’s National Cheeseburger Day! Check Out Our Staff Favorites

Posted on September 18, 2014

Today is National Cheeseburger Day. But before we get too far into that, a quick anecdote from my childhood: The year was 2000, it was Mother’s Day, and I was a punk kid. And as a punk kid, I fussed and whined when my mom asked me to do the dishes after lunch. Your instincts are probably telling you I was some spoiled, undisciplined brat growing up, but that’s simply not true—I just really hated doing the dishes.

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52 Ingredients: Pepperoni

Posted on September 16, 2014
Pepperoni on a Pizza

When I was a kid, my favorite snack in the world was pepperoni. There was a deli I used to go that would slice a whole stick for me to take home, and they did that for me all the way up to the time I moved to Colorado. Believe it or not, my childhood metabolism allowed me to eat a whole stick of pepperoni without getting fat. Nowadays, not so much. Learn more about pepperoni and why it's awesome...

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What We’re Reading This Weekend

Posted on September 12, 2014

Now that I have a one year old, my thoughts carry me to some interesting places when I have a few moments of peace (which is a rarity). While brushing my teeth this morning, I had a weird reverse epiphany: What am I going to do when Jude asks for a hamster?

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