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52 Ingredients: Okra

The first time I had okra was just west of Tulsa on a family road trip. Driving through Oklahoma is like chasing the metaphorical carrot on a stick—you keep going, going and going without ever getting anywhere. That made the gas station/roadside stand we stopped at like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In fact, it was better than gold, because I was about to have golden-fried okra for the first time.

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52 Ingredients: Beets

You can win a 3rd grade science fair with them. There’s a fictional band named after them that you totally loved if you ever watched Nickelodeon’s “Doug.” You can also stain the wall by using their juice as finger paint, but unless you’re five years old and don’t know any better, I wouldn’t recommend this. That’s right, I’m talking about beets.

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52 Ingredients: Chives

Chives are like baby onions. Actually, that’s exactly what they are, since Allium schoensprasum is the smallest member of the onion genus. Yet, despite their small status, chives pack a flavorful punch and they follow through with a slew of nutritional benefits.

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52 Ingredients: Corn

You’ve grilled it. Boiled it. You’ve probably even scooped it from a can and microwaved it. But our journey of corn doesn’t start in the pantry—it begins in the Tehuacan Valley of Mexico, where it’s believed corn—or as the majority of the world calls it, maize—was first domesticated.

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52 Ingredients: Arugula

Distinctly pungent and perfectly piquant, arugula has made a name for itself as a more flavorful leafy green. Fitting to its native Mediterranean home and peppery flavoring, arugula is commonly added to mesclun, thrown onto pizzas, pounded into pesto, and even transformed into digestive liquor. Learn a little more about what arugula really is and how you can use it in your kitchen...

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