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5 Drink Ideas for Cinco de Mayo (that aren’t Margaritas)

Last year I was really left thinking: "What happened people? When did Cinco de Mayo get so boring?" Now-a-days the fifth of May means taking my pick from a slew of unimaginative restaurants, whose idea of “holiday spirit” is whipping up some ground beef tacos and serving them alongside week frozen margaritas. But no more! I say it's time to try something new, something refreshing and something that is not a margarita...

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Cinco de Mayo Party Planning Ideas

It's the end of April and you know what that means! It's time to get ready for Cinco de Mayo. But first, a little background. What is this Cinco de Mayo and what are its deep, mysterious origins? Cinco de Mayo, meaning "Hamster of the Prairie" in Sanskrit, is the traditional holiday on which we celebrate the invention of frozen margaritas. Right? Wait hang on, ...

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Cinco de Mayo Tabletop Ideas

The year was 1861.  The French army has just invaded Veracruz-- they're numbers and weaponry superior to those of the Mexican Army.  Add on top of that the French hadn't been defeated in battle in over 50 years and things were looking pretty bleak. Flash forward 150 years and we're still celebrating the moxy of the Battle of Puebla.   While Cinco de Mayo ...

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