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S’more Ways to Enjoy a Summertime Favorite + How to Create a S’mores Bar

Gourmet s’mores are the thing right now and making them is easy! Make your next campfire a little fancier with these fun ideas...

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Basic Chocolate Fountain Recipes

Have you ever thought of adding a chocolate fountain to the dessert table at your parties? They provide a great gathering place for guests and create a fun way to offer something sweet..

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How to Make Fantastic Fizzing Cake Pops

Space Dust, Popping Candy, or as it’s popularly known as Fizz Wizz, is the confectionery childhood dreams are made of! What better way to put some frivolity into plain old baking than by throwing some good old sweets into the mix – literally! Fizz Wizz is available in delicious cola or strawberry flavors so use it to put the pop into these delicious Cake ...

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Candy Apple Inspiration

There's nothing more quintessentially fall than the candy apple. And candy apples are getting more and more creative. So why not serve them up from your kitchen? With the right tools in place, you'll be a candy apple making expert in no time! Here's what you need: For concession stands or large scale operations, we recommend an apple cooker, but if you are just ...

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Ask Keegan: How Do I Cut a Cake Properly?

I've often wondered, "just exactly how do I cut a cake?" After being put in charge of cutting cakes at various times in my life, I've learned that I'm not the go-to person for the task. Whenever I've been handed a knife and asked "could you?" I would reluctantly take the knife and begin as carefully as possibly. But about midway through the second slice, I always ...

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