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Kitchen Tools for the Raw Foodist

Humans have been eating raw food since the beginning of time. But it wasn’t until the early 1800’s when a doctor named Maximilian Bircher-Brenner discovered that he could cure his jaundice by eating raw apples. This seemingly simple discovery prompted the doctor to experiment further with raw food and its impact on human health, which today has turned into a popular food movement and healthy living choice.

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Juicer vs. Food Processor vs. Blender: Which Should You Buy?

We love to experiment with new products and recipes, especially if they’re unique. Or boozy. So when we got questions from customers wondering about the advantages of different kinds of food-smashers (the completely industry-official, blanket term that includes blenders, juicers and food processors), we decided to lay it out for everyone. Here's the lowdown on what we found in the debate over juicer vs. food processor vs. blender...

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Tools for a Classic Summer Clambake

Any given summer night, New England beaches are scattered with large fire pits smoking and cooking up massive amounts of seafood and their complementary sides. Luckily, even if you’re far from a beach, creating a clambake indoors is even easier than picking out the perfect lobster. To make it even easier, we've picked out the tools you’ll need for a fun and flavorful fishy party. So take a trip to the fish market, slice up some lemons and invite your friends over for a clambake this summer!

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5 Kitchen Tools that Make Life Easier

When it comes to cooking, everybody has their favorite tool. Whether it’s a bread knife that cuts the perfect slice or the little ice cream scooper that can also create the perfect meatball, there are a ton of tools that just make life a little easier in the kitchen. The lucky gadgets that made the cut on my top five list are ones that I have had personal experience with and, as a culinary arts student, these tools have also made my life a lot easier both at home and in the professional kitchen. I discovered most of these tools while on the job at a catering company and can personally attest, these are the keepers.

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4 Cupcake Pan Recipes for the Busy Home Cook

The food community is seeing a rise in popularity when it comes to making kitchen tools more useful. One tool in particular that is gaining steam is the cupcake pan. Now used for everything from mini lasagnas to soup, cupcake pans have become a necessity for the busy professional, the get-up-and-go mom, and anyone who wants a quick meal on the fly. Today, we’ve got four delicious cupcake pan recipes that will help you take advantage of your favorite cupcake pan, establish a routine for portion control, and have fun in the kitchen with the cutest little pseudo-cupcakes you’ve ever seen.

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