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52 Ingredients: Cantaloupe

Hidden beneath its textured exterior is a fruit so juicy, sweet, and full of nutrients it makes all other fruits jealous. It’s the orange fleshed melon known as the cantaloupe and summer is its peak season.

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An Easy Strawberries and Cream Recipe for Wimbledon

For tennis fans, it doesn't get any better than the grass courts at Wimbledon. At the All-England Club in London, fans are most likely zeroing in on a big bowl of strawberries and cream as they watch the best in the world compete. Because who in their right mind wants to watch sports on an empty stomach?

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Pitcher Punch: Make Ahead Cocktails for a Crowd

Playing bartender all night at your own party isn’t exactly our idea of a good time, but whipping up a crafty cocktail is guaranteed to get a stir and impress guests. Besides, super-sizing your concoctions is the rebuttal frat boys everywhere have been teaching us for years. We’re stealing their idea but ditching the plastic buckets and jungle juice for more mature mixers.

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How to Mix the Perfect Martini

Gin and vermouth. Nothing more and nothing less. Or is it vodka, vermouth and a lemon peel? Or gin and vodka plus vermouth and three olives? One simple drink has so many options, and to go with that, so many opinions on how to make it.

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Tools for a Classic Summer Clambake

Any given summer night, New England beaches are scattered with large fire pits smoking and cooking up massive amounts of seafood and their complementary sides. Luckily, even if you’re far from a beach, creating a clambake indoors is even easier than picking out the perfect lobster. To make it even easier, we've picked out the tools you’ll need for a fun and flavorful fishy party. So take a trip to the fish market, slice up some lemons and invite your friends over for a clambake this summer!

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