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Father’s Day BBQ Menu Ideas

A well-known fact about dads is that they really like cooking and eating outdoors. And if you've got an annoyingly successful older sister, throwing your dad a little Father's Day BBQ Bash is a surefire way to claim your spot as the number one most precious offspring. (more…)

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Skinny Cocktails for the Summer

Skinny cocktails are hot these days. Take the success of Skinnygirl cocktails, by May 2012 the brand was named the fastest growing spirit brand in the industry.  Why? Because! We the people want to have our cake and eat it too.  And why shouldn't we? I say let them eat cake. Skinny summer cocktails provide a tasty way to keep friends and bar customers coming ...

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Blender Recipes for Spring and Summer

Blender recipes are to summer like pumpkin-smelling everything is to fall. The two just go hand-in-hand. In a Pinterest contest we ran back in May, readers contributed some fantastic recipes that we thought were worth noting. This Melon Agua Fresca from Smitten Kitchen was put on our board by pinner Sharon. This blender recipe is made by pureeing melon with ...

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Cinco de Mayo Party Planning Ideas

It's the end of April and you know what that means! It's time to get ready for Cinco de Mayo. But first, a little background. What is this Cinco de Mayo and what are its deep, mysterious origins? Cinco de Mayo, meaning "Hamster of the Prairie" in Sanskrit, is the traditional holiday on which we celebrate the invention of frozen margaritas. Right? Wait hang on, ...

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What to Get for Your Kentucky Derby Party

The first Saturday in May is rounding the corner, it's nearly Derby time! If you're planning a Kentucky Derby party at your restaurant, bar, club or home then you're probably realizing that it's time to nail down the details. Here are some supplies and suggestions to help your afternoon of fun go off without a hitch. (more…)

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