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Napkin Folding: The Knot

Setting the table is as easy as tying a knot! Our step-by-step guide will teach you the technique to tying the minimalistic but none the less impressive napkin fold of the knot.

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Napkin Folding: The Pocket

The multi-tasking style of "the pocket" napkin fold is as versatile as it is pretty. Learn how easy it is to create this fold in four easy steps!

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Napkin Folding: The Basket

For Wednesday's fresh and fun napkin folding lesson, we present to you the basket! It's charming, it's cute, and it holds things for you. Fill it with flowers, sprigs of fresh herbs, candies, name tags, or whatever else is seasonally suitable. This fancy napkin presentation is an easy fit for formal and laid-back occasions.

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Napkin Folding: The Bow Tie

The perfect napkin fold for laid-back weddings, or perhaps to set the scene for an upcoming brunch with friends.

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Napkin Folding: The Rose Fold

If little boats and tri-fold pouches seem too stuffy and conventional for you, then you're in luck! This week we are focusing on fun and whimsical folds we've curated by the experts at FSW. First up, the rose fold. This creation is as romantic as it is simple! The best part about it is that it isn't intended to look perfect, which is great if you aren't into ironing your cloth napkins.

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