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15 Essential Kitchen Tools for Thanksgiving

For the other 364 days of the year, your kitchen may hum along just fine without any need to think about what kind of tools, gadgets and what-nots are available for use. But come that magical Thursday in November, the unprepared commence on a mad dash to grocery stores for ridiculously marked up roasting pans, basters and other necessities.

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How to Select the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Ever had a Thanksgiving dinner that started at 9 p.m.? I have. The late chow time was due to inexperience and a completely frozen turkey. Luckily, my past mistakes are now the catalyst for an informative and insightful post on how to select (and thaw) the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey. Use this guide and get it done right, the first time.

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Turkey Frying Tips

Fried turkey is delicious. Few cooking methods will give your turkey perfectly succulent meat and crispy skin the way a fryer will. Sure there are safer ways to cook a turkey this Thanksgiving. It’s also safer to golf down here on Earth, but that didn’t stop Alan Shepard from teeing up on the moon and blasting a few golf balls into a crater did it? What ...

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Thanksgiving Leftovers: How Long Will They Last?

The best part of a Thanksgiving feast is the fact you can enjoy the spread for days to come. While I believe its’ a God-given right for us to pick, choose and mix our leftovers as we please, food safety dictates you must store your food properly in order to enjoy it in the future. We’ve gone over the basics before, but knowing exactly how long your leftovers ...

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Top 5 Kitchen Tools for an Easier Thanksgiving

Unless you work in the food industry, Thanksgiving takes the cake as far as time-spent-making-dinner for the year. If my family is any indicator, it’s not unusual to spend the entire day mashing ‘taters, baking pies, and prying open cans of cranberry sauce between petty arguments and watching football. Such is life in the American household. But, as my dad ...

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