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Treasure Hunting: Update International Turkey Baster

What if I told you about a product that could make your turkey juicy and moist for less than $1? Let me tell you why you’re here. There’s something wrong with the way your turkeys have been tasting. You don’t know what, but it’s there. Like a constantly beeping oven, driving you mad. It is this taste that has brought you here. Do you know what I’m talking about? Do you want to know what it is?

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Treasure Hunting: Libbey Glassware Wine Decanter

Heavy on bottom, light on top. Such is the general look of a wine decanter, dutifully standing at attention ready to pass off the vino. You’re probably thinking to yourself, as I did once: Do I need a decanter? Why do I need another step between my lips and sweet taste of fermented grapes? Well, I’ll give you three good reasons.

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Treasure Hunting: American Metalcraft 18″ Pizza Knife

It’s Halloween night, and you’re anxiously waiting for your creation to come to life. An hour ago you formed the beast, piecing it together with your very own hands. As you joined the different parts together, kneading them with your fingers, you asked yourself: who am I to play god?

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Treasure Hunting: Matfer Sugar Work Blow Torch

“Never play with fire. Ever.” My mother’s words still echo in my head, even 20 years after I nearly singed an eyebrow off with a burning log I was swinging around like a lightsaber (ironically, I would accidentally shave one off in the summer of 2012). But with the Sugar Work Blow Torch from Matfer, I can honestly say that no, mom—I’m not playing with fire. I’m using it to caramelize sugar to make delicious and aesthetically pleasing desserts.

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Treasure Hunting: Solid Copper Mug

A Moscow Mule without a copper mug is like a burrito without a tortilla or Genesis without Peter Gabriel (they don't count as a band after 1979). But like blue jeans pop radio, Moscow Mules are appropriate at any given time; just make sure you have this Elegance Silver Solid Copper Mug to drink it out of.

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