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Treasure Hunting: Matfer Sugar Work Blow Torch

“Never play with fire. Ever.” My mother’s words still echo in my head, even 20 years after I nearly singed an eyebrow off with a burning log I was swinging around like a lightsaber (ironically, I would accidentally shave one off in the summer of 2012). But with the Sugar Work Blow Torch from Matfer, I can honestly say that no, mom—I’m not playing with fire. I’m using it to caramelize sugar to make delicious and aesthetically pleasing desserts.

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Treasure Hunting: Solid Copper Mug

A Moscow Mule without a copper mug is like a burrito without a tortilla or Genesis without Peter Gabriel (they don't count as a band after 1979). But like blue jeans pop radio, Moscow Mules are appropriate at any given time; just make sure you have this Elegance Silver Solid Copper Mug to drink it out of.

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Treasure Hunting: Supera Pizza Peel

When pizza night hits, you have three cordial options to satisfy your saucy cravings. I’ve presented them in a worst to best format, so choose wisely. There is a right answer!

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Treasure Hunting: Update International 3-3/4 oz Stainless Steel Ambidextrous Disher

When I was growing up, we didn’t have an ice cream scooper in our kitchen. I used to eat my mom’s ice cream by the serving spoonful and wasn’t sorry about it. Now that I’m older and don’t have the metabolism of an 8-year-old, portion size matters and that’s why the Update International 3-3/4 Stainless Steel Ambidextrous Disher is perfect.

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Treasure Hunting: Eurodib Meteor Uniflex Silicone Mold

Cakes. Jello desserts. Meatloaf. Even roasted chicken. Bundt pans are great for a lot of different dishes, but they’re especially awesome when they’re sturdy, easy to clean, and made of bright red silicone. Want to see what I'm talking about? R

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