5 Snacks for a Delicious Final Four

Posted on April 2, 2014
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College BasketballThe Final Four is here, and fans are hungry for more than just victories.

When March comes along, basketball enthusiasts look forward to winning grub just as much as a winning basket. If your kitchen isn’t set up for the wave of snack-hungry fans to hit the court, don’t fret. There’s just enough time to become the MVP of your kitchen with these five bar-friendly recipes.

So fire up the grill, heat up your skillets and get ready for a weekend of non-stop snacks and basketball!

The First Half: An Appetizing Warm Up

Beer-Battered Onion Rings

For do-or-die games, starting out strong could be the difference between advancing to the final or watching it from home. Tip off the half with this beer-battered onion rings recipe and have something tasty on hand to nibble through the first minutes of the game. These crunchy hoops of heaven combine two of America’s most beloved culinary delights: beer and all things deep fried. To make your onion rings, be sure to  choose a well-seasoned cast iron pan for the crispy perfection.

Bourbon Glazed Wings

You know what they say—you can’t win on beer-battered breading alone. That’s why the grub experts at Bon Appetit recommend using a different alcohol to finish off your first-half snacking: whiskey. Beat the Final Four buzzer with the punch of bourbon-glazed wings and bleu cheese sauce to get through the highs and lows of a close game. Use a wok to mix the bourbon glaze to perfection while your wings bake to a crisp in the oven.

Halftime: Snack Attack

Deep Fried Mac & Cheese Bites

Take a moment to reflect, regroup, and refine your palate with some deep-fried mac & cheese bites during halftime. Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, this Paula Deen-penned recipe perfectly exemplifies a balanced attack on the court. By combining some old school with a little bit of new, multiple textures and a little bit of kick, this snack will set you up for a monster second half. As with any bold call, don’t get burned while executing the play—use a set of tongs to safely remove the morsels from the cast iron skillet.

The Second Half: Unexpected Menu Options

Totchos Supreme

When you’re a Final Four underdog, sometimes an unexpected move will set you apart for the second half. Tackle your upset cravings with totchos, the nacho hybrid that uses crispy tater tots instead of tortilla chips for an unexpected drive down the court. Girl Cooks World chronicles the step-by-step guide to making Totchos Supreme a reality by combining bacon, guacamole, and ground beef in this game-changing snack. Put a fry pan in the game to make the tots extra crispy for a crunch that’s as satisfying as an alley-oop at the buzzer.

Fried Pickle Spears

Don’t burn out your bench by keeping the same line on the court the whole game. Kick start the final push to victory with the snappy satisfaction of fried pickle spears. While other snacks might get soggy down the stretch, this simple recipe from Southern Plate will stay crisp until the final basket. Use a skimmer to remove the fried pickle spears from the fry pan to ensure their crunchy integrity to the winning shot.

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