Dining Out

Social Dining: Making New Friends with Food

Posted on March 10, 2014

Social dining is what happens when social networking and dining out want to make a few new friends and try the new gourmet pizza joint down the street. This new(ish) trend is starting to pop up in cities all over the world as it uses food to connect people who otherwise probably wouldn’t.

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FSW Chicago Dining Guide

Posted on December 2, 2013
Chicago Skyline

Whoever named Chicago “The Windy City” obviously didn’t try the food first. A culinary and cultural capital, Chicago is home to some of the most adventurous and rewarding restaurants in the nation. Whether you’re a north-sider looking for a new spot or just passing through for a weekend, our Chicago Hotspots map on Pinterest is sure to have something unique for everyone. Here’s a quick look of what we recommend: Gino’s East ...

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FSW Denver Dining Guide

Posted on November 30, 2013
denver skyline

Move over San Francisco, Denver is the newest western frontier for foodies and imaginative cuisine. With a food scene full of options, diverse flavors and venues for just about every type of diner, this mile-high town (and home to FSW headquarters) is putting itself on the nation’s restaurant map. Speaking of maps, we’ve curated our top picks of Denver restaurants on Pinterest’s new map application. This handy new tool allows Pinterest ...

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How to Make a Hot Toddy: The FSW December Tipsy

Posted on December 7, 2012

Jack Frost is officially nipping at our noses. Which means, it's time for a hot toddy! Sometimes called a hot totty, this classic winter cocktail can be made in a variety of ways to change up the flavor. But before the experimenting begins, it's best to get the basic recipe down. The recipe is simple and the mixology is just as easy. Check out the December Tipsy and learn how to make a hot toddy today! Here's what you need: Whiskey Hot ...

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Ways to Split the Bill at a Restaurant

Posted on January 28, 2011
Splitting the Bill at a Restaurant

Ways the Restaurant Can Split the Bill I've had servers tell me that it's easier for them if everything is on one check. If that's the case, then consider this post just one of my rants, because from a customer's standpoint, it's easier for me if the checks are separate. Either way, if restaurant owners want to give their customers the option of splitting checks, here are some ways you can initiate that conversation: Ask when taking ...

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