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52 Ingredients: Farro

Looking for a new whole grain? Denser than quinoa and more flavorful than brown rice, it’s time you’ve met farro. Pronounced FAHR-oh, this ancient form of wheat is making a comeback on both grocery shelves and restaurant menus. The best part? Farro is extremely approachable and easy, with a unique and rustic result. Combined with its thick, yet delicately chewy texture, farro makes for the perfect winter comfort food.

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52 Ingredients: Horseradish

Horseradish, as we know it, is the plant that gives us the delicious condiment known as American-style wasabi. The Japanese-style wasabi comes from the wasabi root, though due to its scarcity, horseradish is now used in its making. It has all sorts of other culinary and medicinal purposes, and comes complete with a punch to your sinuses every time you eat it. Read on...

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52 Ingredients: Kiwi Fruit

What’s brown and fuzzy on the outside but green, white and speckled black inside? I promise this isn't some corny joke. We're actually talking about one of the world’s healthiest foods—kiwi fruit!

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52 Ingredients: Dates

Have you ever tried a date? And not the kind of date you get off the Internet. The other kind. I’m here to drop some knowledge on the fruit that resembles an oversized raisin—the date. The date palm is known to be one of the oldest fruit producing trees in the world.

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52 Ingredients: Lemons

A tall glass filled to the top with water just isn’t complete without a wedge of lemon teetering on the rim. From adding the ‘twist’ to martinis, to degreasing dishes, lemon has been a staple in the kitchen for years. But behind the thick skin of a lemon is a juicy inside filled with disease fighting, immune building, and detoxifying goodness! So, when life gives you lemons…eat them!

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