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How to Make a Bellini with Peach Puree

Bellinis are a versatile cocktail to serve any time of the year. The recipe is simple and it's also a great way to use up left over sparkling wine or Champagne after a big event like New Year's Eve or wedding. Serve bellinis for New Year's Day brunch, serve them for Mother's Day brunches, weddings or any time the weather calls for a light and bubble cocktail. In ...

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How to Build a Bloody Mary Bar

Morning and mid-day meals can use a little more spice anytime of the year. So why not build a bloody mary bar? This DIY cocktail is perfect for early risers and the mid-day brunch set. And this set up can work in a restaurant, at home or as part of a catered event. To build a bloody mary bar that works for your guests, place a variety of options out so each individ...

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The FSW Tipsy Drink of the Month: How to Make a Moscow Mule

The refreshing combination of crisp ginger beer, smooth vodka and sweet lime mix perfectly into every sip of the cult favorite cocktail, the Moscow Mule. Traditionally served in a copper cup (but just as good in a rocks glass) this easy-to-make mixed drink is a fun addition to any cocktail menu. To make a Moscow Mule you will need the following: Vodka Ginger ...

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How to Make a Margarita: FSW’s Drink of the Month

As summer slowly slips away, a sunny patch of the season remains overhead. And it is the perfect time of year to sip a salty margarita. Let's slide through the last month of warm days and long afternoons with the first video in a new beverage series we've created: To make this drink you will need the following:  Tequila, the better the quality, the better the ...

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