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Treasure Hunting: American Metalcraft Peeler and Zester

Sometimes, your outfit isn’t quite complete. And as you hopelessly stare at yourself in the mirror, you ask yourself: What is it that’s missing? A scarf? A hat? Another lip ring? Believe it or not, cocktails go through the same existential fashion crises after they’ve been mixed and poured. As they handed off to expectant sippers, they ask themselves: What’s missing? The answer is almost always a twist of citrus. And that’s where the American Metalcraft Peeler and Zester comes in handy.

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How To Make Simple Syrup

We combat the heat in my house with a pitcher of iced tea, ready-to-drink at all times of the day. Usually we keep it unsweetened, but with rising temperatures and tensions, the clever way I’ve found to keep everyone cool and calm is by adding just a touch of sugar. And I don’t tolerate half-dissolved crystals in the bottom of my tall tea glass. That’s not only an amateur's move, but a complete waste of sugar. Don’t waste time trying to dissolve this untreated sugar—it’s nearly impossible. Instead, use simple syrup, a predissolved sugar-water solution. Shake it into summer cocktails, stir it into iced tea, even sweeten your sorbet. You can use simple sugar in place of granulated sugar anytime you wish. Yes, you can find it on shelves of gourmet kitchen stores, but what they don’t want you to know is that it’s extremely easy and simple to make.

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10 BBQ Drink Pairings: A Crash Course

All too often liquid refreshment at a backyard BBQ is an afterthought—much like the last hot dog that sits on the top rack of the grill, slowly drying out as it waits to be enjoyed with mustard. But this post aims to put an end to that. Though this is just a crash course of BBQ drink pairings, it’ll get you well on your way to a better BBQ.

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Pitcher Punch: Make Ahead Cocktails for a Crowd

Playing bartender all night at your own party isn’t exactly our idea of a good time, but whipping up a crafty cocktail is guaranteed to get a stir and impress guests. Besides, super-sizing your concoctions is the rebuttal frat boys everywhere have been teaching us for years. We’re stealing their idea but ditching the plastic buckets and jungle juice for more mature mixers.

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Treasure Hunting: Tablecraft 16 oz 3-Piece Beehive Cocktail Shaker

The Tablecraft 16oz 3-Piece Beehive Bar Shaker is the perfect gift for the cocktail connoisseur in your life. Ideal for chilling and mixing drinks, this classy beehive shaker is made of stainless steel and is versatile enough to get you through fancy parties or a simple cosmopolitan after a long day at the office. Read on for more information.

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