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How to Select the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Ever had a Thanksgiving dinner that started at 9 p.m.? I have. The late chow time was due to inexperience and a completely frozen turkey. Luckily, my past mistakes are now the catalyst for an informative and insightful post on how to select (and thaw) the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey. Use this guide and get it done right, the first time.

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5 Kitchen Myths Debunked

Every kitchen has its myths, but few are actually true. Check out the five most common kitchen myths and see why they're nothing more than old wives tales.

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Easy Tips for Cooking Fish at Home

With the arrival of Lent last week, many people are thinking about fish recipes for the Fridays leading up to Easter. And at the same time, many people are also a little wary of preparing seafood dishes in their own kitchens. Despite its health benefits, versatility, and speedy preparation, the fishy food chain cooking options leave a lot of you more than just a little turned off. Common reasons include anxiety over the flesh falling apart, fish-tank-like odors or assumptions that it’s just too expensive. But these are just rumors. Fishy, fishy rumors. Cooking fish at home is easy, and we'll show you how!

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Turkey Frying Tips

Fried turkey is delicious. Few cooking methods will give your turkey perfectly succulent meat and crispy skin the way a fryer will. Sure there are safer ways to cook a turkey this Thanksgiving. It’s also safer to golf down here on Earth, but that didn’t stop Alan Shepard from teeing up on the moon and blasting a few golf balls into a crater did it? What ...

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Frying with Duck Fat

The other day I saw my friend's eyes light up as she talked about the gingersnap cookies she enjoyed after a scrumptious meal at a local restaurant. The secret ingredient that made her taste buds happy? Duck Fat. And she's not alone. Duck fat has long been appreciated by the French in many of their recipes. Across the Atlantic, the U.S. has been catching on ...

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