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Treasure Hunting: Pinch 10 Pocket Nylon Cutlery Pouch

Whether you’re chopping broccoli or slicing up chicken for your famous casserole, you’re going to need a convenient way to store your knives. Thankfully the 10 Pocket Nylon Cutlery Pouch from Pinch is here to save you from never having your most prized kitchen tools in one place.

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Ask Keegan: How Do You Choose Knives and Maintain Them?

The latest installment from our Ask Keegan series explores how celebrity chef and restaurant owner, Chef Keegan Gerhard, chooses and maintains his knives. Watch the video below to see what he had to say, or check out the article, How Do You Choose and Maintain Knives, in the Food Service Warehouse Education Center.

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The Gift Guide: A Knife for Every Chef

The knife, a coveted culinary tool for chefs of all levels. A good knife can last a lifetime and a budding chef, whether professionally or home-based, will appreciate a gift that adds to their new or established collection. A bread knife has a serrated edge that is designed to slice cleaning through the hard outer crust as well as the soft and fluffy interio...

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6 Reasons You Need This Paring Knife: The Dexter-Russell 3 1/2″ Paring Knife V-Lo Series

The paring knife is an essential part of any chef's cutlery collection. Used for a multitude of functions around the kitchen and bar, this handy knife works as an extension of the user's hand.  Selecting a paring knife needn't be too complicated, but a few considerations should be kept in mind. One of our favorites, the Dexter-Russell 3 1/2" Paring Knife V-Lo ...

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Santoku or Chef’s Knife: Choosing An All-Purpose Knife

A good all-purpose knife, every chef needs one. But which to choose? A chef's knife or a santoku knife? This is a decision that has baffled chef's of every level. To select the right one, we suggest you first, learn about the anatomy of a knife. As well as the difference between forged and stamped knives. Forged knives undergo a process of hand or hydraulic ...

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