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Cinco de Mayo Tabletop Ideas

The year was 1861.  The French army has just invaded Veracruz-- they're numbers and weaponry superior to those of the Mexican Army.  Add on top of that the French hadn't been defeated in battle in over 50 years and things were looking pretty bleak. Flash forward 150 years and we're still celebrating the moxy of the Battle of Puebla.   While Cinco de Mayo ...

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Tabletop Ideas: Rattan Chargers

Rattan chargers play double duty on summer tables. Used as chargers or as place mats, these woven pieces add a breezy and clean feel to any table setting. Patio season is just ahead with long days and warm nights in the forecast - are you dreaming up creative ways to dress up your tables? Whether your outdoor dining area snuggles close to a beach or takes ...

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Soup Bowls with Handles: Perfect for Cozy Dinners

With the Northeast still digging out from winter storm Nemo and the Midwest getting a nice mid-winter blanket of snow, it's definitely time to start thinking about warm, comforting food. Pot pies, French onion soup, spicy chili and hearty lentil stews all come to mind when plummeting temperatures dominate the forecast  And the best way to enjoy all of these ...

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