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How to Mix the Perfect Martini

Gin and vermouth. Nothing more and nothing less. Or is it vodka, vermouth and a lemon peel? Or gin and vodka plus vermouth and three olives? One simple drink has so many options, and to go with that, so many opinions on how to make it.

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How to Make a Hot Toddy: The FSW December Tipsy

Jack Frost is officially nipping at our noses. Which means, it's time for a hot toddy! Sometimes called a hot totty, this classic winter cocktail can be made in a variety of ways to change up the flavor. But before the experimenting begins, it's best to get the basic recipe down. The recipe is simple and the mixology is just as easy. Check out the December Tipsy ...

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FSW Tipsy November Drink of the Month: How to Make a Colorado Bulldog

The weather is getting pretty cold in most areas of the U.S. now. And it would be predictable to talk about hot drinks that warm the belly and soul. But who wants to be predictable? Not us! Instead, let's turn our focus on to something sweet, fizzy and satisfying. Let's talk about the Colorado Bulldog. It's a fan favorite around these parts, and in the easiest ...

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The FSW Tipsy Drink of the Month: How to Make a Moscow Mule

The refreshing combination of crisp ginger beer, smooth vodka and sweet lime mix perfectly into every sip of the cult favorite cocktail, the Moscow Mule. Traditionally served in a copper cup (but just as good in a rocks glass) this easy-to-make mixed drink is a fun addition to any cocktail menu. To make a Moscow Mule you will need the following: Vodka Ginger ...

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How to Make a Manhattan: FSW Drink of the Month

It doesn't get much classier than the classic Manhattan cocktail. As the weather shifts from hot to cold, this beverage is the perfect complement for both: A nice cool glass in your hand when it's hot, or a nice warming sip of whiskey as you sit by the fireside. To make this drink you will need the following: Whiskey, traditionally rye Sweet vermouth Bitters ...

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