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Napkin Folding: The Knot

Setting the table is as easy as tying a knot! Our step-by-step guide will teach you the technique to tying the minimalistic but none the less impressive napkin fold of the knot.

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5 Ways to Put the “Devil” back in Deviled Eggs

If your family’s anything like mine, an army of rainbow-shelled eggs now occupies your fridge after Easter. Tempting as it may be to crack open those suckers, cut them in half and mix the yolk with mayonnaise, do yourself a favor and just don’t. Instead, save your paprika and try these fresh and inventive ways to put the “devil” back in deviled eggs!

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13 Fun Ways to Enjoy Peeps After Easter

Aside from the Easter bunny and the appearance of extravagantly colored eggs in stores sometime around late March, the quintessential symbol of Easter is the Peep. These little chick and bunny shaped marshmallows covered in sprinkles have been popping up in Easter baskets since the early 1950’s, and have been a staple in the holiday’s candy repertoire ever since. But what happens when Easter hops by without a second glance, then leaves you with a bunch of little Peeps to entertain like you’re Mary freakin’ Poppins? Well, we’ve got 13 fun and delicious ways to help you get rid of those little marshmallow morsels before next April. Take that, Easter!

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52 Ingredients: Oysters

When you think of Irish food, you more than likely think of potatoes or the lack thereof during the Great Famine back in the day. I know I do. But I’m not here to talk about potatoes. No siree, Bob! I wanna talk to you about a food that is actually just as common in Ireland as potatoes, but without the reputation or the whole famine thing… today, it’s all about oysters.

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Creative Holiday Cookies for One and All

  Cookies mark the holidays with joy – whether baked for a party, gifted to the neighbors, or simply created for your own enjoyment. But if you’re an old-hand at cookie baking, you may be craving some variety in your recipes this year. Or maybe you’re new to the game and are looking to hit the ground running. Ask yourself this: Why settle for a ...

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