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Tips for Creating the Perfect Cheese Plate

Clearly cheese is placed in high regards in my book, and I pay the price for it, literally. Sometimes upwards of $25 per plate when I order it off restaurant menus. It’s the simplicity of the cheese platter that gets me every time. There’s no cooking, no baking, no stirring, no recipes to follow—sometimes you don’t even need to cut the cheese! Yet, preparing my own cheese platter never hesitates to intimidate me. The only thing a cheese platter requires is consideration. Consideration of the time, your favorite flavors, the people you are serving, and your budget.

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5 Simple Steps for Cleaning a Gas Grill

Did you know uneven heating, lowered temperatures and sticky grates, can all result from a dirty grill? Not only will the appearance of your food suffer, but so will the taste. Not to worry, because cleaning your gas grill just got easier with these 5 simple steps.

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How to Smoke Meat without a Smoker

Want to create juicy smoked meats, but short on outdoor space? Learn how to create that crave-able smoky flavor at home, on the grill or in the oven.

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How to Cook with Tea

Drinking tea has been popular for ages, but a new trend in the culinary world uses tea a little differently. Instead of drinking tea, many chefs are cooking with it. Learn more about how to cook with tea after the jump...

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How to Make Chia Jam

Long gone are the upbeat, “ch-ch-ch-chia” commercials of the 1990’s showcasing animal shaped terra cotta pots whose green sprouts act as faux fur. Chia seeds have a new normal come 2014, because now the unique seedlings are no longer hidden in boxes at gag-gift stores, but are rather highlighted in health food aisles.That’s right! Chia seeds have amazing health benefits. They stave off hunger, aid in hydration, move digestion along and hold twice the protein of any other seed or grain. And if that weren’t enough, chia seeds also hold title for the richest plant-based source of omega-3.

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