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The Best Knife for the Job: Summer Fruit Edition

Summer's most popular fruits are often the toughest to prep. Learn how to easily slice through coconuts, mangoes, pineapples and watermelon in this how-to guide.

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How to Seed a Pomegranate

I've always wanted to know how to seed a pomegranate correctly. So I enlisted the help of a knowledgeable coworker and discovered that seeding a pomegranate is akin to bathing a cat. But unlike bathing a cat, the reward for picking apart a pomegranate is worth the trouble. Take the easy road to pomegranate scrumptiousness with these simple steps: 1. Gather Your ...

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Knife Sharpening: Steel or Stone?

Knife sharpening. Not something you probably wake up thinking about, but when you finally make the investment in a good knife or set of knives, the eventual situation arises where you need to consider how to care for your cutlery. Do you know the difference between a sharpening steel and a sharpening stone? (more…)

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