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Cinco de Mayo Party Planning Ideas

It's the end of April and you know what that means! It's time to get ready for Cinco de Mayo. But first, a little background. What is this Cinco de Mayo and what are its deep, mysterious origins? Cinco de Mayo, meaning "Hamster of the Prairie" in Sanskrit, is the traditional holiday on which we celebrate the invention of frozen margaritas. Right? Wait hang on, ...

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What to Get for Your Kentucky Derby Party

The first Saturday in May is rounding the corner, it's nearly Derby time! If you're planning a Kentucky Derby party at your restaurant, bar, club or home then you're probably realizing that it's time to nail down the details. Here are some supplies and suggestions to help your afternoon of fun go off without a hitch. Mint Julep Glasses Mint julep cups are to a ...

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You, on a Budget: Affordable Cocktail Party Supplies

In the past, party supplies were something I didn't typically think about until, well, I was planning a party. And considering I didn't have too many parties in the whole of my adult life, I didn't really think about it at all -- until the time arrived when I realized I finally lived in a big enough space to have more than two friends over for a drink and some ...

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What is a Chafing Dish?

Anyone who has catered or hosted a large dinner is probably familiar with the Chafing Dish, which is a large serving dish used to keep prepared dishes hot. These containers are placed over a heat source, often built into the chafing dish. This heat source is usually a can of fuel, lit to provide a constant source of low heat that keeps food warm over a long period ...

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