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How to Clean Copper Cookware

When it comes to kitchen supplies, utility is de rigueur. Stainless steel has its charm and many appliances are starting to incorporate more colorful plastics, but in general, kitchen supplies are still dull and utilitarian in design. Then there’s copper cookware - brilliant copper tones bend light and bequeath an air of sophistication to any kitchen that is lucky ...

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How To Ruin Your Non-Stick Pans

I once splurged and bought a non-stick griddle for my house. I was 20, living with 5 or 6 other irresponsible adults in a smelly townhome, and the picture on the box of bacon, eggs and pancakes simultaneously sizzling sent me into a frenzy matched only by Tom Cruise’s couch dance on Oprah. I was so excited to christen my newly-acquired griddle that I ...

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What’s the Difference Behind Different Frying Pan Materials?

Anyone out there trying to figure out what the differences are between different types of frying pan materials will probably find themselves reading through pages and pages of debate. Chefs and home cooks alike certainly do have their opinions, which for the most part can make for a rather entertaining read. But for those of you who don't have that kind of time, we've put together a handy chart that sums up the general consensus - both pros and cons - of different frying pan materials.

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Three Awesome Commercial Stock Pots

Stock pots in the commercial kitchen are a catch-all food preparation item; literally. Stock pots are often the preferred vessels for soups, stews and sauces...and of course, stock or broth. Still, a good stock pot is essential for those home-stewed delights, and a seasoned cook will want one that can take a beating. Stock pots, as simple as they appear, have ...

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Rock the Wok

Historically, woks were created out of the necessity of efficient cooking with low fuel. Used as a staple in Asian kitchens, this cooking vessel has a variety of functions and can be used on any culture's stove-top. The wok is known as the pot for stir-fry cooking, but can also be used to steam, scramble, mix and knead.  Woks are available in a variety of ...

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