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Ask Keegan: How Do I Get the Best Flavor from Dried Spices?

In this installment of Ask Keegan we inquired ...How do I Get the Best Flavor from Dried Spices? Here's what you need: A saute pan and a full-size range or a countertop range. And what do you do next? Watch this video and find out! photo credit: ilovememphis via photopin cc

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Cooking Tips: How to Use Salt and Pepper

The first great secret I can give anyone who wants to learn to cook is to season, season, season.  It’s seems very simple but it’s a big tip of the trade.  There is no reason for anything to be under seasoned or dare I say bland.  A well stocked spice cabinet is a great tool to always have at your disposal.  Out of just that, you can create a masterpiece ...

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Cooking With Garlic, Glorious Garlic

My lessons usually start off by going over the menu and order of things we’ll prepare. Then once we get going, some technique is covered… primarily with garlic preparation being #1. Yes, garlic is an integral taste component in many dishes and sure, it gives a depth of flavor but it is completely coincidental that it ends up in every dish I make. Fine, I’ll ...

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