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Outdoor Dining Essentials for Summer

Summer is here! It's time for long days and BBQ nights with friends and family over for an outdoor feast! With a few handy supplies in your arsenal, you'll be able to enjoy your parties more (with less trips to the kitchen and back). Check out some of our handpicked favorites for outdoor dining... Shatterproof Plates, Cups and Serving Dishes Going shatterpr...

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6 Fresh Ideas for Inspired Spring Centerpieces

Spring is a magical time of year for Mother Nature. Tree branches begin to sprout tiny green buds, early flowers push their way through the earth and most of us begin to breathe a healthy sigh of relief that the dark, cold days of winter are finally over. It’s the perfect time to harness the freshness of spring indoors as well, particularly as the centerpiece of your kitchen or dining room table. Here’s how you can create six inspired spring centerpieces this year.

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Treasure Hunting: Egg Cups

Similar to rotary phones, soap operas and shaggy toilet seat covers, the only place I've ever seen an egg cup was at my Grandmother’s house. However, when I went through a soft boiled egg craze and bought a few for myself, to my surprise I fell in love, and with Easter right around the corner, here’s why you should be too.

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Basic Chocolate Fountain Recipes

Have you ever thought of adding a chocolate fountain to the dessert table at your parties? They provide a great gathering place for guests and create a fun way to offer something sweet..

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Cinco de Mayo Tabletop Ideas

The year was 1861.  The French army has just invaded Veracruz-- they're numbers and weaponry superior to those of the Mexican Army.  Add on top of that the French hadn't been defeated in battle in over 50 years and things were looking pretty bleak. Flash forward 150 years and we're still celebrating the moxy of the Battle of Puebla.   While Cinco de Mayo ...

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