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Treasure Hunting: Update International Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

What’s that over on the table?! It’s a vase! It’s a spittoon! No, wait—it’s an Update International Stainless Steel Wine Cooler! This super shiny, super convenient ‘Wine Cooler of Steel’ is the right addition to any household that enjoys a little chill in their wine. We know that red wine is meant to be enjoyed at room temperature, but when it comes to white wine even Superman could down a warm glass.

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Treasure Hunting: Stolzle Classic Port Glass

After a great meal, the best dessert is wine! Sweet wines, such as port, provide the perfect finish to those long, conversation-filled dinners with friends. And if you do happen to have a bottle ready to share, you may as well serve it in style...

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Wine Vocabulary 101

All I wanted was something alcoholic and red to go with dinner. But as I cruised down the wine aisle of my local liquor store, the walls of glimmering bottles with unique descriptors left me intimidated, overwhelmed, and frankly a little confused. I’m no stranger to extraneous terms (my grandfather once called me an "old-hat turkey hoofer" after I dropped a ...

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Cooking with Wine: Should You use Cheap or Quality?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to cooking with wine: cook with cheap wine or cook with quality wine. The difference is really how you’re using it.

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