Treasure Hunting: Egg Cups

Posted on April 4, 2014
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Egg Cup

Similar to rotary phones, soap operas and shaggy toilet seat covers, the only place I’ve ever seen an egg cup was at my Grandmother’s house. However, when I went through a soft boiled egg craze and bought a few for myself, to my surprise I fell in love, and with Easter right around the corner, here’s why you should be too.

Egg cups actually work!

Since I haven’t mentioned it enough, I love soft boiled eggs. I love eggs in every which way, but soft boiled with a side of buttery toast is hands down, my favorite. In the past, I would dig into my eggy feast with wild abandon. At the end of my meal I would often find myself with bits of yolk on my fingers, shirt and sometimes even in my hair. And allow me to set the record straight, I have no problem chasing runny yolk around my dish with my buttery toast, but with my egg cup, I get to look like a proper lady. With this handy addition to my place setting, my soft boiled egg routine now involves me daintily dipping toast into egg and then lightly patting the corners of my mouth with a doily napkin. It’s quite fashionable and tasty.

How to use your egg cup

Lastly, they are just so gosh darn cute. It’s a mini platform that holds your little egg up for you! Food supplies don’t get much cuter than that people, trust me. Besides looking cute while holding an egg, these darling cups pretty much look adorable no matter what you do with them. I made a top ten list to give you some ideas.

  1. Create a place setting for Easter with decorated eggs proudly displayed for each brunch or dinner guest.
  2. Use it as a vase to hold a single flower.
  3. Place a tea light in one.
  4. Display it by the kitchen sink to use as a ring holder while doing dishes.
  5. Or by the front door as a coin or key catcher.
  6. Use it when decorating cookies or cakes to hold sparkly sugar or small candies.
  7. Use it at the table as a ramekin to hold condiments or additional herbs and spices.
  8. Flip it over and place it in a doll house to act as the family dinner table.
  9. Fill it up with your favorite liquor and take a shot.
  10.  Or just stuff a baby hedgehog in it.
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